The Eagle

As I look at the world around me, I am amazed at how intricately things have been put together to make life work well. We can learn a lot from nature and the creatures that live along side us on this planet.

For instance, eagles are admired the world over as living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence. Eagles fly alone at high altitude. They soar so high that In some religions, eagles are believed to touch the face of God. They have strong vision and have the ability to focus on something up to five kilometers away. When an eagle sees his prey, he narrows his focus on it and then determines to get it. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not shift his focus from the prey until he gets it.

When the eagle is around 30 years old, his physical condition has deteriorated to the point where he is no longer able to take care of himself properly. His talons lose their flexibility and he can not grip prey easily. His beak becomes dull and bent. Also his feathers become heavy, clinging to his chest. thus making it more difficult for him to fly. So, gathering all his strength, he flies to the highes point of the mountain. Over the next six months, he will remove his talons, smash his beak on rocks and pull out all his feathers. Each process produces regrowth of his body parts and "renews" his life for another 30 or 40 years.

Isaiah 40:31 tells us that they who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings as eagles. In the Hebrew language, tikvah, the word that is translated "wait", "hope", or "trust" as in the different bible translations, means "to bind", or "to weave". It is derived from the ancient word kavah, which means to "twist" or "weave," as strands of a rope, making a tool capable of holding a heavy load securely. The Bible shows us that when trouble comes, there is only one place to go. As we put ourselves into the care of our creator, He will give us the sterngth and abilty and understanding to know how to  move forward towards our healing.

This could also be a opportune time to get to know how God works in the world and in the lives of people. Taking time out to read a small portion of the Bible every day is a great way to learn about building healthy relationships, finding our unique path in life, and to become successful in every good work.

I love this life and even as I grow into my golden years , I am finding that there is still so much more to know about this wonderful life. Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience it.