Marcus Lamb's Executive Decision

A few days ago, I watched Marcus Lamb’s funeral service. Marcus was the Co-founder and CEO of Daystar Television, based in Texas, USA. I found it very sad to see the total devastation of family and friends in their grief. He was very much loved by so many and his passing was unexpected Famous preachers travelled from all over the USA and abroad to attend the service.

Marcus and his wife Joni Lamb built Daystar Television from scratch. The vision came firstly as a message from God to Marcus’ heart. Then the hard work began. Marcus was a very astute businessman who lived by principles he learned from studying the Bible. He was also a very kind man, generous and determined to help others. Sometimes he would say, “ I have made an executive decision.” Then he would tell his guests that he would invest several thousand dollars into their work to show his support. On other occasions, he would make an executive decision to extend the program time so that he could talk more to his guest.

On the day that he died, Marcus kept asking his family members if he could go home. He was getting better, but he was not yet well enough to leave the hospital. So, the answer was no. Still it seems to me that Marcus would not be denied. Perhaps his Master, Jesus called his name and gave him a glimpse into Heaven and the beauty of his eternal home. I can imagine that he might at that moment, make an executive decision and go home anyway. His heart stopped beating, no longer needed. Stepping into eternity, he would become more alive, radiant, healthy. Well done Marcus. You did good!!